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Why are the Parthenon Marbles important?

That they are the most prominent and symbolic link that modern Athens and modern Athenians have with the greatness of their ancient ancestors. The Parthenon Sculptures were made in Greece by Greeks to honour the glory of Greece. They represent the cultural identity of millions of people.

What is the Elgin Marbles controversy?

The Elgin Marbles have been controversial for over 200 years, with the Acropolis Museum in Athens – which houses the remaining sculptures – keeping a space empty for them amongst its current display. Greece considers the Elgin Marbles stolen goods and has frequently demanded that they’re returned.

What is the controversy surrounding the Parthenon sculptures?

They argue that the marbles are a prime piece of Greek heritage and were removed with the permission of what was effectively a foreign government, as Greek independence only occurred a few years after Elgin was collecting. They also argue that the British Museum has no legal right to the sculptures.

Who owns the Parthenon Marbles?

8 facts about the Elgin Marbles. Purchased by the British crown from Lord Elgin in 1816, the Parthenon Sculptures were presented by parliament to the British Museum, where they have remained ever since.

What happened to the Elgin marbles?

Elgin Marbles, collection of ancient Greek sculptures and architectural details in the British Museum, London, where they are now called the Parthenon Sculptures. …