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Who invented minarets?

The earliest minarets were former Greek watchtowers and the towers of Christian churches. The oldest minaret in North Africa is at Kairouan, Tunisia. It was built between 724 and 727 and has a massive square form.

Who started mihrab?

Umayyad prince al-Wal─źd I

Who is buried at Hagia Sophia?

The tomb of Sultan Selim II (reign 1566-1574) in which the Sultan, his wife Nurbana Sultan, along with other family members, including sons and daughters, are buried. It was the first tomb constructed in the Hagia Sophia cemetery.

How does the interior of Blue Mosque look?

The upper levels of the interior are dominated by blue paint. More than 200 stained glass windows with intricate designs admit natural light, today assisted by chandeliers. The decorations include verses from the Qur’an, many of them made by Seyyid Kasim Gubari, regarded as the greatest calligrapher of his time.

For what purpose does a heavy iron chain hang there?

Answer: A heavy iron chain hangs in the upper part of the court entrance on the western side. Only the sultan was allowed to enter the court of the mosque on horseback. The chain was put there, so that the sultan had to lower his head every single time he entered the court to avoid being hit.

What was the purpose of hanging a heavy iron chain at the entrance of the court?

Answer: The purpose of hanging a heavy iron chain was to make Sultan lower his head every time he entered the court.

How has the poet heightened the impact of the poem by using the figurative language?

Ans: The poet prints images of lakes, fields, trees and stars in an artistic manner. The poet compares daffodils to the Milky Way galaxy and dreams to dance with daffodils. In this way, the poet heightens the impact of the poem by using the figurative language.

Where is the royal room situated?

Blue Mosque

How much did it cost to build the Blue Mosque?

The construction costs are estimated to be 43 million euros ($57.

How Old Is Blue Mosque?

412c. 1609-1616

How many mosques are there in Istanbul?

3000 mosques