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Where can I buy pies in Edmonton?

Here’s where to go to grab a slice in Edmonton.

  • Vi’s for Pies. This hidden gem is an Edmonton favourite for pies! …
  • Fife N Dekel. When people stand in line just to grab a slice, you know the pie is good. …
  • Duchess Bake Shop. …
  • Bon Ton Bakery. …
  • District Cafe & Bakery. …
  • The Art of Cake. …
  • South Island Pie Co. …
  • Vintage Fork.

What does Fifendekel mean?

Legendary pies Though its name in German means “good for nothing,” you’d be hard-pressed to convince its clientele that. Once the “open” sign lights up at Fife N’ Dekel, folks flock to the eateries, hungry for what’s available in the cozy deli atmospheres that await them.

Where can I buy mochi in Edmonton?

Best mochi in Edmonton, AB

  • Best mochi in Edmonton, AB. Sort:Recommended.
  • Delivery. Order in. Takeout. …
  • Sponsored Results.
  • Movie Snacks. Food Delivery Services, Candy Stores. (888) 585-3833. …
  • All Results.
  • Hello Mochi. Doughnuts, Macarons. (780) 566-1888. …
  • TSUJIRI Japanese Tea House. $$Coffee & Tea, Bakeries, Desserts. …
  • T&T Supermarket. $$International Grocery.

Can I mail a pie?

Ship the pie as fast as possible. If the pie is that important, send it overnight air shipment. This will be very expensive. When you pack the pie, suspend it in the packing material and in the box.

Where can I buy Achatz pies?

Fruit Pies

  • 30301 COMMERCE BLVD, CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI 48051. (586) 749-2882.
  • 45159 MARKET ST.
  • 960 N LAPEER RD.
  • 17736 W 13 MILE RD.
  • 1063 E LONG LAKE.
  • 75700 NORTH AVE.

Who owns Achatz pie?

David Achatz

How much are Achatz pies?

Achatz Pies Menu

Michigan Four Berry $14.

Are Achatz pies vegan?

Achatz Handmade Pie Co. Looking for vegan pies? ALL our double crusted fruit pies are vegan. They are made with no dairy or animal products!! Order a Double Crust Apple Pie made with Michigan Northern Spy apples lightly sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar with the hand crimped flaky crust.

Are frozen pie crusts good?

Best for Desserts: Great Value Frozen Pie Crusts Testers were also really pleased with the flavor of Great Value frozen crusts from Walmart: they had a hint of vanilla and were almost shortbread-like in flavor (perfect for sweet fillings and cream pies especially).

Why is achatz closed on Saturday?

“I’m a Seventh Day Adventist, so we keep the seventh-day Sabbath,” Achatz explains. [Originally published in December, 2011.]

Who sells French Silk pies?

How much do Bakers Square pies cost?

Bakers Square Menu & Prices 2021

Food Size & Price
Mountain Dew $1.

How much do pies cost?

Chart: Cost of Homemade Pie Per Slice

# of slices 6 whole pie
blueberry with EB $2.

How long are Bakers Square pies good for?

two days

Why are Bakers Square closing?

The owner of Bakers Square and Village Inn filed for federal bankruptcy protection Monday and closed 33 locations, blaming high wages and growing competition for declining sales and higher operating losses.

Does Bakers Square make their own pies?

Two such facilities are still operating in Oak Forest, IL, and Chaska, MN. These facilities, formerly VICOM, now “Legendary Baking,” produce 18 million pies per year for Bakers Square, Village Inn, and J. Horner’s, a food service and retail line.

Will Bakers Square ship pies?

Yes, Bakers Square does offer delivery. … Never miss a deal for Bakers Square!

Can I freeze Bakers Square Pies?

Can I freeze Bakers Square Pies? We get this question all the time: “Can I freeze a homemade pie?” The answer is Yes! Homemade pies freeze beautifully.

Does Bakers Square have candy cane pie?

Homemade Baker’s Square Candy Cane Pie This seasonal specialty is only available during Christmastime!

How many pies does Bakers Square sell for Thanksgiving?

“As soon as you hang up, the phone rings again.” Thanksgiving is the restaurant’s top holiday, with more than 2,000 pies ordered by cooks too busy with turkey and children asked to bring dessert to the family meal.

What kind of pies does Perkins have?


  • WILDBERRY. 470 cal/slice.
  • HEATH® CRUNCH CHEESECAKE PIE. 720 cal/slice.
  • Chocolate French Silk. 760 cal/slice.
  • COCONUT CREAM. 640 cal/slice.
  • BANANA CREAM. 700 cal/slice.
  • LEMON MERINGUE. 500 cal/slice.
  • PEANUT BUTTER SILK. 930 cal/slice.
  • HOMESTYLE APPLE. 570 cal/slice.

Where are Bakers Square locations?

all locations

  • Chicago – Foster & Harlem: 5220 No. Harlem Ave., Chicago, IL
  • Gurnee: 6340 Grand Ave., Gurnee, IL
  • Melrose Park: 1319 West North Ave., Melrose Park, IL
  • Orland Park – 158th & Harlem: 15711 S. Harlem Avenue, Orland Park, IL
  • Palatine: 270 E. …
  • Woodridge: 2020 W.

What kind of pies does Bakers Square have?


  • Cheesecake.
  • Carrot Cake.
  • Cherry.
  • Coconut Cream.
  • Country Apple.
  • French Apple.
  • French Silk.
  • Harvest Pumpkin.

Are all Bakers Square closed?

Bakers Square has closed five Illinois restaurants after its parent company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Tuesday. … The Illinois locations that closed are Alsip, Lansing, Libertyville, Orland Park (La Grange Road), and Springfield, according to news releases.

What was Bakers Square called before?

Bakers Square began in December 1969 with a single restaurant called Mrs. C’s in Des Moines, Iowa, that became popular for its pies. Pillsbury purchased Mrs. C’s around that time, renamed it Poppin’ Fresh Pies, and opened additional locations.

Is Village Inn going out of business?

On Janu, American Blue Ribbon Holdings, parent company of Village Inn and Bakers Square, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after closing a total of 33 locations across both brands.

Did Bakers Square in Lansing close?

Bakers Square restaurants in Libertyville, Lansing, Alsip, Orland Park and Merrillville were among those closed Friday in what the company called a “tough but necessary” decision. Ten Chicago-area Bakers Square restaurants will remain open, including one city location in Chicago’s Norwood Park.

Did Bakers Square Naperville close?

And in a blow to fans of their pies, Bakers Square is shuttering four Illinois locations. Bar Louie, which was founded in Chicago in the 1990s and is now based in Texas, closed its Naperville and Chicago’s Near North locations, the Chicago Tribune first reported.