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What were the most characteristic features of modernism?

The Main Characteristics of Modernist Literature

  • Individualism. In Modernist literature, the individual is more interesting than society. …
  • Experimentation. Modernist writers broke free of old forms and techniques. …
  • Absurdity. The carnage of two World Wars profoundly affected writers of the period. …
  • Symbolism. …
  • Formalism.

What do modernists believe about the Bible?

What do Modernists believe about the Bible? Modernism is German liberal theology. Modernists believe that the Bible is full of errors and is unreliable, man is basically good, Jesus is not God, and there is no heaven nor hell.

What fundamentalist means?

1a often capitalized : a movement in 20th century Protestantism emphasizing the literally interpreted Bible as fundamental to Christian life and teaching. b : the beliefs of this movement. c : adherence to such beliefs a minister noted for his strict fundamentalism.

What is the opposite of religious fundamentalism?

Within the field of religious studies, the term liberalism IS commonly used by itself to refer to the opposite of fundamentalism. However, when using the word with people not as familiar with religious studies, it’s probably helpful to use the more specific designation “religious liberalism.”

What is another word for evolution?

SYNONYMS FOR evolution 1 unfolding, change, progression, metamorphosis.