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What size tablecloth should I get for a 60 inch round table?

60 inch round table: Seats 8 People: 90 inch cloth (15 inch drop) 60 inch round table: 120 inch cloth (30 inch full drop) 72 inch round table: Seats 10 People: 120 inch cloth (24 inch drop)

What is a military skirmish?

Military. a fight between small bodies of troops, especially advanced or outlying detachments of opposing armies. any brisk conflict or encounter: She had a skirmish with her landlord about the rent.

What does Constitution mean?

the basic principles and laws of

What is sagacity mean?

noun. foresight, discernment, or keen perception; ability to make good judgments.

What is an example of sagacity?

An example of sagacity is when a person refuses to get in the car with someone who has been drinking. The quality of being sage, wise, or able to make good decisions. The quality or an instance of being sagacious; penetrating intelligence and sound judgment.

Who is a sagacious person?

adjective. A sagacious person is intelligent and has the ability to make good decisions. [formal] …a sagacious leader. Synonyms: wise, shrewd, astute, knowing More Synonyms of sagacious.

Does sagacity mean wisdom?

The Latin word sagācitās is the great-granddaddy of our word sagacity, giving it the meaningwisdom.” Just remember that it contains the word sage, which meanswise one” — our wise ancestors were called “Sages.” But before we get too puffed up, we need to remember that in the 17th and 18th centuries, sagacity meant ” …

What does stealthily mean?

If you move stealthily, you do not want to be seen or felt. A cat moves stealthily when it approaches a mouse. Stealthily is the adverb form of stealth: Think stealth bomber, that miraculous, if flawed, creation of the American military that was supposed to escape detection, including being nearly invisible on radar.

What is another word for sagacity?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for sagacity, like: perspicacity, sagaciousness, sapience, prudence, wisdom, adroitness, astuteness, judgement, discernment, shrewdness and acumen.

What does Overacuteness mean?

sharp or severe in effect; intense: acute sorrow;an acute pain. extremely great or serious; crucial; critical: an acute shortage of oil.

What does audacity mean?

the quality or state of being

What does astuteness mean?

: having or showing shrewdness and an ability to notice and understand things clearly : mentally sharp or clever an astute observer astute remarks also : crafty, wily.

What is the meaning of conspicuous?

1 : obvious to the eye or mind conspicuous changes The bird has a conspicuous red head. 2 : attracting attention : striking a conspicuous success His absence was conspicuous. 3 : marked by a noticeable violation of good taste.

What does aroma mean?

1a : a distinctive, pervasive, and usually pleasant or savory smell the aroma of freshly-baked bread broadly : odor. b : the odor of a wine imparted by the grapes from which it is made The wine has a fruity aroma. 2 : a distinctive quality or atmosphere : flavor the sweet aroma of success.

What does fatalist mean?

A fatalist is someone who feels that no matter what he or she does, the outcome will be the same because it’s predetermined. Fatalists share a sense of being powerless to change the world. In philosophy, a fatalist is someone who holds specific beliefs about life, destiny, and the future.

Why is fatalism wrong?

Thus, the basic flaw in fatalism is that it can become a form of nihilism. It can become a belief that nothing has meaning, nothing can be known, nothing that we do makes any difference. It can become a belief that nothing is worth fighting for, that nothing is worth living for.