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What island is the Parthenon on?

Athens, Greece

Where is the the Parthenon located?

Acropolis of Athens

Where in the city is the Acropolis located?

Acropolis of Athens

What is the difference between Parthenon and Acropolis?

Acropolis is the area the Parthenon sits on. What’s the difference between Acropolis and the Parthenon? The Acropolis is the high hill in Athens that the Parthenon, an old temple, sits on. … Acropolis is the hill and the Parthenon is the ancient structure.

What part of Athens should I stay in?

When in Athens the desirable areas to stay in are the Plaka, Makrianni, Koukaki, Thission, Syntagma and Monastiraki. These all border the Acropolis and the archaeological park around it. Everything you need including shops, restaurants, the metro to the ferries, buses, taxis and nightlife is within walking distance.

Is Athens good for a city break?

Athens isn’t one of the first places that springs to mind when you think of city break destinations. But if you’re willing to think outside the box with me, you will be rewarded with a sun-soaked, culture-filled and effortlessly cool city break.

Is Athens a pretty city?

Athens is highly attractive but not objectively beautiful. It’s actually ugly for any visitor who is addicted to perfect landscapes of any kind. But for all of you who like diversity, contrasts and thousands of years of history gathered in the exact same place, you’ll find Athens astonishing!