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What is the trim above a door called?


Is casing and trim the same?

2 Answers. Trim is a general term, often used to describe all types of molding and millwork. Casing is a type of molding, typically used to trim the perimeter of windows and doors. … Crown molding (or crowns) is a type of molding, which is applied where the wall and ceiling meet.

What is mullion casing?

Mullion casings cover over stud pockets, or back-to-back window jambs on multi-unit, ganged windows. They can be from 1-1/2″ to 9″ wide, depending on how the windows are ganged. As a result, mullion casings must be special ordered to match the ganged windows, in both width and length.

What is a flat casing window?

It is hinged at the top and opens out from the bottom in an outward swing. Flat Casing Vinyl. These windows are best suited to traditional architectural styles. Double-hung windows feature an upper and lower sash that slide vertically past each other in a single frame. Both sash tilt in for convenient cleaning.

What is window stool and apron?

An apron is decorative trim installed against the wall immediately beneath the stool of a window. It accentuates the look of the window inside the house; almost a like a piece of moulding.

What is the inside ledge of a window called?

Window Sill

How thick should window sills be?

Most contemporary sills are made using 3/4-inch material. Try making your next sill with material that’s 1-1/4 or even 1-1/2 inches thick.