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What is the monomer of melamine?


Is melamine a copolymer?

Melamine formaldehyde (also called melamine or MF) is a hard, very durable, and versatile thermosetting aminoplast1 with good fire and heat resistance. It is made from melamine and formaldehyde by condensation of the two monomers. … The resin blend is called melamine–urea–formaldehyde (MUF).

Why switches are made up of plastic?

Switches are made up of plastics or bakelite and non metals because plastics are bad conductor of electricity so they will protect us from shock and metals are good conductor of electricity so they will produce shock to our body..

Why should we not touch switches with wet hands?

We should not touch electrical appliances with wet hands because our body is a good conductor of electricity and since we may get electric shocks. A conductor allows electricity to pass through it and so our body is. One should use any insulator if they are in contact of water.

What type of plastic is a light switch made from?

PVC is widely used to insulate electric wiring, while thermosets (which can withstand high temperatures) are used for switches, light fittings and handles.

Why are switches made of Bakelite?

Bakelite is used for making electrical switches because it is a poor conductor of heat and electricity.

Is Bakelite a thermosetting plastic?

Bakelite (/ˈbeɪkəlaɪt/ BAY-kə-lyte; sometimes spelled Baekelite) or polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride was the first plastic made from synthetic components. It is a thermosetting phenol formaldehyde resin, formed from a condensation reaction of phenol with formaldehyde.

Why is Bakelite a good choice?

bakelite has high heat resistant property which makes it a poor conductor of heat and is used for making electrical switches because it high heat resistance property protects us from electric shocks.

Why plastic is used in place of metals?

In industrial applications, plastic offers maneuverability and handling benefits when compared with metal — think of the large sliding compartment doors in shipping containers. They can provide the same strength and rigidity (more on that below), with a much lower weight, making them considerably easier to move.

What lasts longer metal or plastic?

Product Life: The life span is longer for plastics than metals in many applications. Cost: The cost of raw material can be appreciably less. With a less labor intensive process, plastic molding can also save energy, labor, and production time vs.

Why is metal better than plastic?

Metals generally provide the following advantages over plastic fabrication: Heat resistance: Metals typically have a higher melting-point and are less likely to degrade under elevated temperatures. Improved strength: Metal grades tend to be stronger, harder, and more durable than their plastic counterparts.

Is plastic stronger than wood?

Perhaps the most prominent reason why plastic lumber is stronger than wood is that it is completely water-resistant. Many of the structures that you might craft from wood are meant for outdoor use.

Is it better to make furniture from hard plastic than from wood?

A. Their strength and durability is better than plastic. Wooden furniture are anytime more reliable than plastic and can be your perfect choice for years to come. When we talk about furniture, plastic is always better than wood.

Why is plastic better than wood?

Furniture, floors and doors made out of wood require less energy to produce than aluminium or plastic, and on top of that wood continues to store carbon for years, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said. … Even recycling plastic is not as environmentally friendly as some people may think.

What are the disadvantages of using wood?


  • Wood rot. While huge advances have been made in the treatment of wood to extend its life span, it still remains more subject to rot than concrete. …
  • Structural limitations. Wood is an excellent choice for many traditional houses, especially those in a timber frame style. …
  • Fire risks. …
  • Building code limitations.

Is plastic stronger than metal?

When comparing the strength of two very different materials such as plastic and metal, we compare them using a strength to weight ratio. … Plastic is a much lighter material and can be extremely strong for the intended use. Comparing pound to pound, fibreglass is stronger than a sheet metal or steel.

What is the hardest type of plastic?

The hardest forms of plastic include plastic that has been mixed with other types of materials such as a very recent discovery by a team of Bangalore researchers where they strengthened ordinary plastic with nano-diamond (incredibly, tiny bits of diamond invisible to the naked eye), a sheet of layered carbon and tiny …

What’s the toughest plastic?