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What is the modernist movement in literature?

Modernism is a period in literary history which started around the early 1900s and continued until the early 1940s. Modernist writers in general rebelled against clear-cut storytelling and formulaic verse from the 19th century.

Which is the most representative poem of early 20th century?

“The Road Not Taken” has often been interpreted as expressing his risky decision to leave America for an uncertain future in a country where he could write poetry in peaceful poverty. The most representative, if not the greatest, poem of the 20th century is, outside Ezra Pound’s Cantos, perhaps also the most difficult.

Gothic Fiction

Who is the greatest poet of the 20th century?

Pablo Neruda

What were the basic features of 20th century?

Whate are the major features of 20th century in literary writings ? The major literary movements in the twentieth century are Modernism (circa 1900-1940) and Postmodernism (circa 1960-1990). Another term, Contemporary, is sometimes applied to literature with 1960 as the cut-off.

What are the prominent features of 20th century English literature?

Characteristics of 20th Century Literature

  • Fragmented Structure. Prior to the 20th century, literature tended to be structured in linear, chronological order. …
  • Fragmented Perspective. If there’s one thing readers could count on before the 20th century, it was the reliability of an objective narrator in fiction. …
  • The Novel of the City. …
  • Writing from the Margins.

What was the main catalyst for the change in literature during 20th century modernism?

The horrors of World War I (1914-19) and its accompanying atrocities and senselessness became the catalyst for the Modernist movement in literature and art.

What era is the 20th century?

While the period 1900-1999 is of course a century, as is any period of 100 years, it is incorrect to label it the 20th century, which began Janu, and will end on Decem. Only then will the third millennium of our era begin.

What was the worst decade of the 20th century?

For most people living in Western countries, the worst time to live was between 1900 and 1950. This was an era marked by child labor, degeneracy, revolutionary violence, mass unemployment, two world wars, etc. Children going to a 12-hour night shift in the United States (1908).

What was the best decade of the 20th century?

The 1990s