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What is the meaning of mezzanine?

1 : a low-ceilinged story between two main stories of a building especially : an intermediate story that projects in the form of a balcony. 2a : the lowest balcony in a theater.

What is the difference between a mezzanine and a loft?

The main difference between Loft and Mezzanine is that the Loft is a near-roof part of a building and Mezzanine is a intermediate floor between main floors of a building.

How do you close in a loft?

  1. Place one or more folding screens in your loft to provide a visual wall between the open loft area and the room below. …
  2. Install a ceiling curtain track outfitted with floor-to-ceiling drapes to provide visual privacy to almost any loft area.

What is the height of a bungalow?

Floor-to-ceiling heights for the first floor are usually 8 feet, though some are up to 9. Window head heights are about even with the top of the front door at about 7 feet. There are two common types of windows.

What is the height of a house?

In general, the height of a story of traditional building or house is roughly 10 feet that include 1 to 2 feet of infrastructure thickness and 8 to 9 feet of ceiling height.

What is single storey house?

A singlestorey house is often referred to, particularly in the United Kingdom, as a bungalow. … In English, the principal floor or main floor of a house is the floor that contains the chief apartments; it is usually the ground floor, or the floor above.

What is two storey house?

As mentioned in our recent blog, the twostorey home is a type of house that has two storeys, which means the house consists of a ground floor and an upper floor. … The ground floor includes the kitchen, dining area, living room, bedrooms and other amenities.

What is a two story house called?