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What is panic point?

The Haunted Forest is Panic Point’s darkest crown jewel – a half-mile trek through the Voodoo Shack, Clown House, Strobe Maze, Sanatorium, Graveyard, and more. … Panic Point is located at 2808 Cedar Creek Rd Youngsville, NC 27596.

How long does panic point last?

about 2 hours

Is panic point scary?

Scare Guide: PG-13 The Haunted Forest, Dark Trail, Killers, & Carny Crypt are designed to scare, and are not appropriate for most people under the age of 12. There is no haunted trail rating system, but at our scariest we would call the haunt, “PG-13”.

How much does panic point cost?


Is Woods of Terror scary?

Summary: The Woods of Terror north of Greensboro, NC, is a must see evening of fun for scare seekers. … From the creepy crawly clutches of Arachnophobia to the shocking darkness of Blackout Terror, the Haunters of Woods of Terror bring scares and screams.

How old do you have to be to work at the haunted forest?

16 years old

Can they touch you at Woods of Terror?

Are the monsters allowed to touch you? The actors will not touch you.

How much are spooky woods tickets?

Admission Costs: Immediate Access No waiting $70 VIP 1/3 the wait $55 General Admission Saturday $35 General Admission Friday/Sunday $30 IMMEDIATE ACCESS: No virtual queue to join, skips all lines in attraction.

How long does it take to go through spooky woods?

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Scare Factor:
Length of Event: > 1 hour
Time Visited: After 9PM
Would Recommend: Yes
Suitable For Kids: Yes

Which is better spooky woods or woods of terror?

Spookywoods has better set design and has longer and more consistent themed sections, and has actors who I found to be interactive with the guests. Woods of Terror is more intense, has more themed sections (though short), and has actors who are more energetic.