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What is paddle wire used for?

Florist Paddle Wire is used to strengthen and secure bunched flowers and greenery. Simply wrap around any flower stems and cover wire with floral tapes. It can also be used to wire bows onto arrangements. Sizes: Available in wire gauge 24, or 22 and other sizes.

Where can I buy paddle wire?

How strong is floral wire?

28 gauge is often used for securing bows, 24 and 26 gauge is an all purpose everyday floral wire, and 20 gauge is perfect for supporting heavy rose heads (wrapped around the stem then pierced thru the base of the head).

Does Dollar Tree have floral wire?

Bulk Floral Garden Floral Green Wire and Tape | Dollar Tree. Product details page for Floral Garden Floral Green Wire and Tape is loaded.

What can I use instead of floral tape?

In a pinch almost any kind of tape you have around the house will hold floral foam or other anchoring material in place. Narrow strips of electrical tape, masking tape, adhesive tape, freezer tape, or any waterproof vinyl tape will do. Cellophane tape is not a good choice.

How do you attach flowers to a wire wreath?

Prepare your flowers, cutting tools, wire and tape to begin with. Grab your base stems and begin grouping and wiring these to the frame. The task is best achieved by grouping 3-5 artificial flower stems at a time and attaching them to the frame. Continue this pattern all through the wreath creating process.

Is it cheaper to make your own wreath?

Fall wreaths that are ready-made can sometimes cost $100. We all know that making your own is WAY cheaper, but before you jump into making your Autumn-themed craft projects, look at the most affordable options to avoid going over your budget. … Here are the best 30 ideas for a DIY Fall Wreath.

How do you make a Christmas wreath with a wire ring?

Prepare your wreath ring First, take your moss sheet and wrap it around your wreath ring. Then, wrap your florists’ wire clockwise around the moss, leaving gaps of 4cm evenly around the wreath. Pull the wire tightly so it’s good and secure. this tension also helps to hide the wire, nestled amongst the foliage.

What is a rag wreath?

A fabric rag wreath is a fun way to add some color and texture to your front door! … With this wreath, it’s just a matter of shaking it out a little bit to fluff up the fabric and it’s ready to hang on the door! Now this wreath is definitely not a one-hour, nap-time crafting, kind of project.

How do you make a rag wreath with a wire hanger?


  1. Cut your fabric into 2 inch by 6 inch strips.
  2. Bend and shape the wire hanger into a circle. The hook makes a perfect wreath hanger.
  3. Tie the fabric strips onto the hanger. …
  4. Put in a movie and tie, tie, tie!
  5. Continue to tie and scrunch the fabric together until the wreath is as full as you like it.

How do you make a shabby chic rag wreath?


  1. Cut out 6 inch by 1 inch strips. They don’t need to be perfect.
  2. Tie each strip onto each of the wire rings on the wreath form. Just tie with a simple knot. And keep going until all of your fabric is used up.
  3. That’s all! You can add a cute ribbon or leave it as is.

What size strips for rag wreath?

To make a rag wreath, you will need: a wire wreath form that can be found at craft stores or the Dollar Tree-they come in different sizes. fabric scraps cut into strips-I made mine 3 inches wide and 8 inches long.

How much fabric do I need for a rag Garland?

To make a garland like mine that hangs down about 10” and is about 6 feet long, you need about 240 strips of fabric that range from 20 inches to 30 inches. When folded in half, this makes each strip around 10-15” long.

How do you make a fabric strip with banners?

  1. Step 1: Cut your fabric into strips. …
  2. Step 2: Fold fabric strip in half lengthwise and place underneath twine.
  3. Step 3: Grab the “tail” of the strip and pull through the fabric loop at the top. …
  4. Step 4: Tighten the knot and slide the strip over to meet the adjoining pieces.

How do you make fabric tassels?

Lay out the strips in a group with the printed side facing up them move them around so there is a pleasing combination of colours and patterns on the top of the pile. Take a piece of ribbon or twine and tie it around the centre of the tassel with a double knot. Fold the fabric strips in half over the ribbon.

How many clothespins does it take to make a wreath?

64-100 clothespins (The number of clothespins will depend on the size of your wreath. Our 12″ wreath used 64 clothespins.) Red, white and blue spray paint. 10 wooden stars.

How do you make a sunflower clothespin wreath?

So you’d have an outer layer of yellow, and a center layer of brown clothespins. Add a burlap ribbon bow, and pull some sunflower heads off a bouquet and hot glue them onto your wreath. Tie a piece of twine at the top for hanging. Your clothespin sunflower wreath is done for you to enjoy.