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What is Class C concrete used for?

Class B concrete may be used for curbs, gutters and sidewalks. Class C concrete may be used for thrust blocks, encasements, fill or Page 2 SECTION 725 725-2 over-excavation, etc.

What is the basic difference between OPC and PPC?

Difference Between OPC and PPC

Sources Deep Foundation
2 Strength PPC has higher strength than OPC over a longer period of time.
3 Heat of hydration It has a slow hydration process and thus generates less heat than OPC.
4 Durability More durable in aggressive weather.
5 Cost Cheaper than OPC.

Which is better OPC or PCC?

PCC gives comparable strength and durability like OPC. The basic difference between them is in the manufacturing technology. Only 65% to 80% of clinker is required to produce PCC while 95% of clinker is required to produce OPC. As a result, PCC is gaining popularity worldwide due to its environmental significance.

Is ACC cement good for roof?

ACC CONCRETE+ XTRA STRONG is a specially formulated cement with unique binding properties designed to provide high strength. Perfect for all concrete applications – foundations, columns, beams and roofsACC CONCRETE+ XTRA STRONG comes in a distinctive tamper-proof packaging.