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What happened to the marble sculptures from the Parthenon?

Air pollution and acid rain have damaged the marble and stonework. The last remaining slabs from the western section of the Parthenon frieze were removed from the monument in 1993 for fear of further damage. They have now been transported to the New Acropolis Museum.

Why should the Parthenon sculptures be returned to Greece?

The legality of the statues is still highly disputed between the U.K. and Greece, with Greek officials arguing that due to the Ottoman’s occupation, the decree was not valid and the Ottomans had no authority over the Parthenon, therefore the marbles should be returned to Athens.

How much does it cost to get into the Parthenon?

PARTHENON HOURS OF OPERATION & PRICING Closed on select holidays. Admission: Adults (18-62): $10.

Where can we find most of the sculptures originally placed in the Parthenon?

Acropolis of Athens

What does the Parthenon frieze show?

The frieze of the Parthenon forms a continuous band with scenes in relief that encircles the upper part of the cella, the main temple, within the outer colonnade. The theme represented was the procession toward the Acropolis that took place during the Great Panathenaia, the festival in honour of the goddess Athena.

What are the three architectural places the Parthenon sculptures can be found in the temple?

There are three categories of architectural sculpture. The frieze (carved in low relief) ran high up around all four sides of the building inside the colonnades. The metopes (carved in high relief) were placed at the same level as the frieze above the architrave surmounting the columns on the outside of the temple.