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What does the word panic mean?

1a : a sudden overpowering fright also : acute, extreme anxiety. b : a sudden unreasoning terror often accompanied by mass flight widespread panic in the streets.

Who invented the word anxiety?

George Miller Beard

What are the 4 levels of anxiety?

Anxiety has four levels: mild, moderate, severe, and panic (Table 13.

What is the root word for anxiety?

The word anxiety is derived from the Latin word ‘angere’ meaning to choke, or strangle. … Anxiety is categorized as being trait when a person who is anxious, always feels anxious.

What is another name for anxiety disorder?

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, GAD, is an anxiety disorder characterized by chronic anxiety, exaggerated worry and tension, even when there is little or nothing to provoke it.

What is another word for anxiety?

Some common synonyms of anxiety are care, concern, solicitude, and worry. While all these words mean “a troubled or engrossed state of mind or the thing that causes this,” anxiety stresses anguished uncertainty or fear of misfortune or failure.

What is the opposite of anxiety?

Opposite of an anxious awareness of danger. comfort. ease. calm.

What is the opposite emotion of anxiety?

If it’s about the fear of strangers, “courage” might be its best antonym; or, if it links to an emerging fear of suffering additional panic attacks, words like “calm,” “relaxed,” “self-possessed”, and “cool and collected” might all characterize its cognitive antidotes.

What does serenity mean in the Bible?

Inner Peace

What is the another word of serenity?

Synonyms of ‘serenity‘ Stopping briefly to regain her composure, she described her ordeal. peace of mind. stillness. calmness. quietness.

What is the synonym of serenity?

Synonyms. repose quietness tranquility quietude heartsease tranquillity peace of mind peacefulness peace ataraxis.

What is a fancy word for quiet?

adjective. silent, hushed, inaudible, low, noiseless, peaceful, soft, soundless. calm, mild, peaceful, placid, restful, serene, smooth, tranquil. undisturbed, isolated, private, secluded, sequestered, unfrequented. reserved, gentle, meek, mild, retiring, sedate, shy.

What is a word for inner peace?

serenity; peace of mind; tranquillity of mind; composure; inner peace; calm; inner calm; peace; repose; heartsease; peacefulness; ataraxis.

What is a word for quiet and peaceful?

Some common synonyms of peaceful are calm, placid, serene, and tranquil. While all these words mean “quiet and free from disturbance,” peaceful implies a state of repose in contrast with or following strife or turmoil. grown peaceful in old age.

What do you call someone who is quiet?

Reticent means either quiet or restrained.

What is opposite of punish?

Antonyms for punish exonerate, benefit, assist, award, help, guard, aid, protect, lose, compliment, let go, boost, reward, surrender, welcome, preserve, praise.

What is the opposite word of smile?

What is the opposite of smile?

frown scowl
grimace lour
lower moue
mow pout

What’s the opposite of honest?

truthful, candid: deceptive, unsuitable, unreliable, untruthful, lying, biased, fraudulent, irresponsible, misleading, deceitful, false, untrustworthy, corrupt, insincere, treacherous, unreasonable, unreal, counterfeit, devious, unfair, unjust, dishonest, prejudiced, partial.

What do you call an honest person?

What is another word for honest person?

straight arrow good person
salt of the earth square shooter
straight shooter truth-teller
upright person

What do you call a person who is too honest?

veracious Add to list Share. Someone who is veracious speaks the truth — like your brutally honest friend who always lets you know what she thinks about your outfits, your hairstyle, your lasagna recipe, and your taste in movies.

How do you say someone is honest?


  1. honest. adjective. a person who is honest does not tell lies or cheat people, and obeys the law.
  2. sincere. adjective. sincere words, feelings, ways of behaving etc are true and honest.
  3. fine. adjective. …
  4. genuine. adjective. …
  5. decent. adjective. …
  6. truthful. adjective. …
  7. principled. adjective. …
  8. irreproachable. adjective.

What are the traits of an honest person?

Honesty is a facet of moral character that connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, straightforwardness, including straightforwardness of conduct, along with the absence of lying, cheating, theft, etc. Honesty also involves being trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere.

What do you call a truth seeker?

savant. n. deep thinker. n. person who seeks the truth.

How do you describe someone with a good heart?


  • beneficent,
  • benevolent,
  • benignant,
  • compassionate,
  • humane,
  • kind,
  • kindhearted,
  • kindly,