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What does massing mean in architecture?

Term. Definition. Massing (Building Massing) The volume and shape of a building. Massing (and scale/size) of new construction and rehabilitations should be similar to the massing. A commercial building is typically a rectangular mass with a flat roof.

What is a feasibility study in architecture?

An architectural feasibility study investigates and evaluates the potential of a site or building. It clearly sets out a brief history of the site, its overall condition and significance, as well as the constraints and opportunities.

What is a massing model?

The massing model represents those models that focus on the massing of architecture, rather than its structural detail, building material, color, layout, or faƧade. … Massing influences the sense of space that the building encloses, and helps to define both the interior space and the exterior shape of the building.

What is massing in art?

Massing refers to the structure in three dimensions (form), not just its outline from a single perspective (shape). … Because it has a direct relation to the visual impact a building makes, massing is one of the most important architectural design considerations.

What is the difference between shape and mass in art?

Shape is a two dimensional area with identifiable boundaries. Mass is a three-dimensional solid with identifiable boundaries.