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What division is fencing in construction?

Division 32 covers two general categories of site improvements – pavement and landscaping. Pavement subtopics address the complete construction process for asphalt, concrete and unit paving. Landscaping subtopics include fencing, retaining walls, irrigation, plantings and wetlands concerns.

Division 32 – Exterior Improvements – Fencing and Landscaping.

What is included in the project manual?

Project Manual—The written documents prepared for, or made available for, procuring and constructing the Work, including but not limited to the Bidding Documents or other construction procurement documents, geotechnical and existing conditions information, the Agreement, bond forms, General Conditions, Supplementary …

Are carpets classed as soft furnishings?

We are talking about soft furnishings that may last for a lifetime—carpets and curtains and so on. For example, certain soft furnishings may have to be replaced.

Can home buyers keep staging items?

Do Home Buyers Keep Staged Items? Some items used in staging a home include artwork, lamps, rugs, towels, vases with flowers, furniture, pillows, and decor. … If the staging item belongs to the stager or a rental company, the home buyer typically does not retain the item once the property is purchased.

What is a fixture when selling a house?

Fixtures are items that have effectively become a permanent part of the property. … While an armchair is considered a chattel, a bench that’s been built into a wall would become a fixture.