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What did Maya Lin design?

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

What memorials has Lin designed?

Lin has designed numerous memorials, public and private buildings, landscapes, and sculptures….

Maya Lin
Education Yale University
Known for Land art, architecture, memorials
Notable work Vietnam Veterans Memorial (1982) Civil Rights Memorial (1989)
Spouse(s) Daniel Wolf

Where is Maya Lin from?

Athens, Ohio, United States

Did Maya Lin have siblings?

Tan A. Lin

What nerve carries smell impulses from the nose to the brain?

Olfactory Nerve

How can you damage your olfactory nerve?

Head Trauma: Traumatic brain injury can impact olfaction in many different ways: the nose may be damaged, or the nerve fibers that send information from the nose to the brain may be cut or torn during the head injury. The trauma may also directly damage the olfactory bulb that detects the molecules we smell.

Which best describes the pathway of an olfactory nerve impulse?

Trace the pathway of an olfactory impulse from a receptor to the cerebrum. Stimulated olfactory receptor cells sends impulses along their axons, axons synapse with neurons located in the olfactory bulb, impulses are analyzed, additional impulses then travel along olfactory tracts to the limbic system.

How do you test oculomotor nerve?

Step One: Open the right eyelid and shine the light into the right eye. Look only into the right eye to assess for a response. A normal response is a brisk constriction of the right pupil. If the pupil gets larger or has a sluggish response, it is considered abnormal.

What sign is present when the third cranial nerve is compressed?

Because the 3rd cranial nerve also raises the eyelids and controls the pupils, the eyelid droops. The pupil may be normal or be widened (dilated) and may not narrow (constrict) in response to light. The pupil is often affected when the cause is compression of the nerve.

How do you check cranial nerve 1?

Cranial Nerve I (Olfactory Nerve): Sensory for Smell Ask patient to close his/her eyes and pinch one nostril shut. Put a familiar scent, such as coffee or cinnamon underneath their nose and ask them to identify the scent. Repeat for the opposite nostril with another scent. Positive test is inability to identify scent.

How do you assess the vagus nerve?

The vagus nerve provides motor supply to the pharynx. Asking the patient to speak gives a good indication to the efficacy of the muscles. The uvula should be observed before and during the patient saying “aah”. Check that it lies centrally and does not deviate on movement.