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What did Hafeez Contractor have nightmares?

Hafeez had nightmares about mathematics examination. The Principal told Hafeez that he was a good student but he never studied. His mother had worked hard to bring him up. It was the time now to rise to the occasion and study.

What did Ranji’s mother insist on?

What did Ranji’s mother insist on? “The warrior had an inspiration”.

How can a child when fears annoy?

How can a child, when fears annoy, But droop his tender wing, And forget his youthful spring!

What is the meaning of fears annoy?

Fears annoy means that a child has fears that annoy him a lot or maybe it is a. Disease. Darmaidayxx and 27 more users found this answer helpful.

What did the school boy do for her?

Answer. Answer: The boy told to his friends that she was somebody’s mother, aged, poor and slow, so he helped her. Some day his own mother would be in similar situation, some one else would help her when he is not there.

Who is the speaker in the poem the schoolboy?

The speaker of the poem is a young boy who’s at school in the summer. He can’t focus in class because he wants so badly to play outside and enjoy the weather; he feels like a songbird trapped in a cage.

How do the little ones spend the day in school?

The little one sits in a relaxed and lethargic way, hunched in his classroom table. He finds no pleasure in any of the school activities and waits anxiously to let the day pass by and he could return back to his parents. He finds his books very dis-interesting since they have been “Worn through” due to rain.