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What are the 8 Wonders of the World 2020?

Candidates for the Eighth Wonder of the World

  • Mitre Peak, in Milford Sound, New Zealand.
  • Sigiriya in Matale District, Sri Lanka.
  • Angkor Wat in Angkor, Cambodia.
  • The Citadelle Laferrière in Northern Haiti.
  • Monolithic church of Ethiopia in Lalibela, Ethiopia.
  • Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia.

What’s the first wonder of the world?

the Great Pyramid of Giza

What did yudhishthira mourn?

2. Yudhishthira mourned saying, “Was this to be end of all our vows? Just when our exile is to end, you have been taken away. … If Yudhishthira has tried to drink from the pool without answering the Yaksha’s questions, he would also have died.

What happened to all the brothers of Yudhisthira?

They had to pass through a forest full of bear deer and wild birds. Ultimately they reached a pool of water. … But they did not pay heed to his words and wanted to drink water. So he killed them and they were lying dead near the pool.

What did yudhishthira do when his brother did not return?

Answer. Answer: As the brothers did not returned, yudhishthir went in search for them and was heartbroken to find them dead but he did not panic and listened to the crane. The crane revealed itself as yaksha and proceeds to ask yudhishthir questions with philosophical and metaphysical ramifications.

What is the greatest wonder in the world according to yudhisthira?

Yudhishtir replied him that everyone knows that death is the ultimate truth but he supposes that he will leave forever . This is the greatest wonder of the world. Explanation: everyday Man creatures depart to Yama’s Kingdom; and yet those who remain want to live forever.

What questions did yaksha ask to yudhishthira?

1 Answer

  • What rescues man in danger?
  • By the study of which science does man become wise?
  • What is swifter than the wind?
  • What is more faded than a dried straw?
  • What befriends a traveller?
  • Who is the friend of one who stays at home ?
  • Who accompanies a man in death?
  • Which is the biggest vessel ?

Who correctly answered to yaksha’s question?


What is the answer of Yudhisthira to the question who rescues man in danger?


What is the last question of Yaksha?

Answer. The last question of the Yaksha was that how can you revive your dead brothers? Who do you want to come back to life?

Is Lord Shiva a Yaksha?

Yaksha as per puranas and other texts of hinduism, buddhism and jainism are spirits that guard resources of our planet. They are both good and evil. It was a yaksha who asked the questions to Yudhisthira in Mahabharata. Shiv swaroopa is eternal and can be associated to everyone and everything.

Who is a Yaksha?

The yaksha are nature spirits who are benevolent, sometimes mischievous or capricious.