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What are CSI codes used for?

Organize your construction specs and project information MasterFormat is a coding system for organizing construction documents, contracts, design specifications, and operational manuals. It uses specific numbers and associated titles that make up a universal indexing system.

What is CSI Uniformat?

UniFormat™, a publication of CSI and CSC, is a method of arranging construction information based on functional elements, or parts of a facility characterized by their functions, without regard to the materials and methods used to accomplish them.

What is SectionFormat?

SectionFormat provides a uniform standard for arranging specification text in a project manual’s sections using a three-part format. It reduces the chance of omissions or duplications in a specification section.

What CSI division is paint?

Division 09 Finishes is devoted to the basic interior building blocks of a construction project. From walls to paint and ceilings to floors, Division 09 includes the majority of common interior finishes.

What does CSI stand for in construction?

Construction Specifications Institute

What division is wood framing?

Division 06 – Wood, Plastics and Composites Products.

What division is masonry?

Division 04 Masonry describes the process of building with individual units of natural stone, or with man-made units such as brick or block. With examples of ancient masonry structures (some built more than 10,000 years ago) still in existence, masonry represents one of the oldest forms of construction.

What division is roofing in construction?

Division 07 – Roofing, Waterproofing and Insulation.

What division is structural steel?

Division 05 Metals – Buildipedia.

What CSI division is steel?

The Steel Deck Institute was formed to bring uniformity to the design, manufacture, quality control and construction practices applicable for cold-formed steel decking.

What division is openings?

Division 08 Openings includes the maintenance, repair, installation, or replacement of those products or elements of construction that fill openings, including doors, grilles, entrances and glazing systems, windows, skylights, hardware, glazing materials, louvers and vents.