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How many hospitals are there in Kent?

20 hospitals

How far is William Harvey Hospital from Ashford station?

Train stations near William Harvey Hospital in Ashford

Station Name Distance
Ashford International 46 min walk

How do you get to William Harvey Hospital?

Ashford International is the nearest rail station to the William Harvey Hospital. It is a short walk from the town centre, from where ‘bus service 5’ runs every 15 minutes. Bus services 10 and 11 also run directly from the station to the hospital. These services both run about once an hour.

What hospitals are in East Kent trust?

East Kent Hospitals is one of the largest Trusts in the country, serving a population of around 720,500. It has three major hospitals in Ashford, Canterbury and Margate and also provides outpatient and diagnostic services from its two community hospitals in Folkestone and Dover.

What trust is William Harvey Hospital?

Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

How do I get to Ashford Hospital?

By Bus. The following bus routes stop at either the Main Entrance to the grounds, or outside on the A30, within 3-4 minutes walking distance: 116, 203, 216, 400, 416, 441 and 555/6/7. Inter-site Bus service – The Trust operates a Hopper Bus service between both sites.

How do you get from Kent to Canterbury hospital?

Canterbury East is the nearest rail station to the Kent and Canterbury Hospital. It is a short walk to the bus station. Canterbury West rail station is further, although several bus services run from there to the bus station. From the bus station you can catch bus service 25 or 25a to the hospital.

How much is parking at Kent and Canterbury Hospital?


0 – 1 hours £2.

Where is dermatology in Kent and Canterbury Hospital?

We are located on the main floor of the 1937 Building. Please use the main entrance and follow the signs straight ahead.

Where is the MRI department at Kent and Canterbury Hospital?

Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury This is situated in the CT and MRI building, located to the left of the urgent care centre. You will be shown where to wait and staff in the MRI department will be told that you have arrived.

Who can not have an MRI scan?

However, due to the use of the strong magnet, MRI cannot be performed on patients with: Implanted pacemakers. Intracranial aneurysm clips. Cochlear implants.

Can you see dermatologist on NHS?

The simplest way is to see your GP and request referral to a specialist on the NHS. If your GP feels this is appropriate and a condition they are unable to manage, they will refer you to your local NHS dermatology department.