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How do you hang bunting in a garden?

If possible, hang your bunting without pins by tying it to existing structures. For example, if you’re throwing a garden party, you could hang your bunting across the garden from tree to tree, or fence post to fence post.

What can I use for bunting string?

Blu-Tack or drawing pins. Scraps of material. Ribbon, bias tape or even old shoe laces to string your bunting on. Adhesive: double-sided tape, glue-gun, stapler or needle and thread.

How do you waterproof a oilskin coat?

How do I reproof my oilskin product? Periodic application of Duck Back Reproofing cream to the seams, friction points, and any dry areas will prolong the life and waterproof nature of your coat. 2) place coat in the sunshine for several minutes to allow it to heat up so it feels warm and supple to the touch.

How do I reproof my Drizabone?

Sponge diluted vinegar onto the affected areas. Hand wash in luke warm water using our Oilskin/Wool Detergent or a pure soap. Do not soak your coat. Rinse off as much of the soap as you can and hang it out to dry using a strong coat hanger.

Can you machine wash a Drizabone?

Do not machine wash, dry clean, starch or iron. If the garment is completely overrun with mould you can wash the whole coat in diluted vinegar and water. … This will get the vinegar right through the whole coat to kill the mould. Please note, always store your oilskin garment in a dry well-ventilated area.

How do you care for waxed cotton?

If needed, spray the waxed canvas with cold water for additional cleaning. And if you’re dealing with a tough spot that you really want to clean up, add a small amount of mild soap (NOT DETERGENT) to the cold water. Then rinse and allow to air dry. Do NOT dry clean or machine wash your waxed canvas bag or jacket!