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How do I appeal an oversight board on Facebook?

To appeal a Facebook decision to the Oversight Board: Go to your Support Inbox and click Your Violations. Open the update we sent you about our decision. If your content is eligible for appeal, you’ll be able to access an Oversight Board Reference ID.

Does Facebook have an oversight committee?

Facebook’s long-awaited Oversight Board announced Thursday it is now accepting cases. … The board is composed of independent members from around the world, who will make final and binding decisions on what content Facebook and Instagram should allow or remove based on respect for freedom of expression and human rights.

Who is on the Facebook board?

Facebook’s board now consists of Zuckerberg, PayPal’s Peggy Alford, Marc L. Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst’s Kenneth I. Chenault, Dropbox’s Houston, Founders Fund’s Peter Thiel, Cranamere Group’s Jeff Zients, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and the two new names.

Who is on the Facebook censorship board?

The co-chairs, who selected the other members jointly with Facebook, are former U.S. federal circuit judge and religious freedom expert Michael McConnell, constitutional law expert Jamal Greene, Colombian attorney Catalina Botero-Marino and former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

What are Facebook community standards?

What are Community Standards? Community Standards outline what is and is not allowed on Facebook. These policies are based on feedback from our community and the advice of experts in fields such as technology, public safety and human rights.