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How did Iron Maiden wife die?

The estranged wife of Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has died in a “tragic accident”, according to a family statement. Paddy Bowden, aged in her 50s, was found dead at the couple’s marital home in Chiswick, west London, on Monday morning./span>

Who died in Iron Maiden?

Martin Birch

What happened to Paddy Dickinson?

Paddy, who was in her 50s, died at the couple’s former marital home in Chiswick, West London, on Monday. In a statement released as The Sun revealed the death, Bruce said: “This is a tragedy which appears to be a tragic accident./span>

Why is heavy metal bad?

Studies have suggested a link between listening to heavy metal and increased suicide risk or desensitisation to violence, but these have often failed to take account of outside factors, such as poor family relationships, drug abuse and feelings of alienation./span>

Do metalheads have higher IQ?

People with musical talent have a higher IQ, research finds. … “Musically trained children and adults score higher on intelligence tests than their untrained counterparts./span>

Is heavy metal dead?

Metal certainly isn’t dead and there are lots of bands doing new and crazy things. They just aren’t in the mainstream. I find that some bands that come out now try to recreate sounds that are already overdone before. Some of them do it in an original way, some don’t./span>

Is heavy metal bad for your mental health?

Heavy metal music may have a bad reputation, but it has numerous mental health benefits for fans. Summary: Heavy metal music may have a bad reputation, but a new study reveals the music has positive mental health benefits for its fans./span>

Does heavy metal relieve stress?

A new study has found that listening to heavy metal music is actually pretty good for your heart. … Loudwire reports that the Vera Clinic—the Turkish cosmetic surgery clinic which conducted the study—found that listening to the music genre helps to lower blood pressure and even reduces stress levels./span>

Does heavy metal help depression?

A study has shown listening to heavy metal or extreme kinds of music helps purge emotions like anger and depression. … She said a study of 39 adults aged between 18 and 34 found they were inspired and calmer when they listened to heavy metal./span>

Does rock cause depression?

A new study has shown what many suspected all along: Heavy Metal enthusiasts tend to be more anxious and depressed than others. Researchers found through a survey of college students that those who listened to heavy rock and metal had significantly higher levels of mental stress./span>