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Can Kun speak English?

All the others have spoken English to some extent in videos but I don’t think I have ever seen Xiao Jun, Kun and Winwin speak English. … Xiaojun is pretty fluent. From their videos there’s occasional clips of him speaking English. Predebut he even composed a song in English.

What language does Kun speak?


Who in NCT dream can speak English?

The members that are fluent are the Foreign Swaggers/Cup of Coffee members namely, Mark, Johnny, Jaehyun, Ten. The semi-fluent are most of NCT 127 after having to tour around the west, Jaemin, Renjun, Chenle, (these Dreamies can communicate fairly well with Hrvy), Lucas and Yangyang.

Did NCT dream disband?

However, this just has become the silver lining for NCTzens as NCT Dream won’t just disband, which was the worst-case scenario. However, on October 24th, it was reportedly revealed that the ‘K-JOY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2020′ has used both SM Entertainment’s and related artists’ logos illegally, without their permission./span>

Is Zhong Chenle rich?

The pre-debut photos of the owner of Zhong Chenle’s full name are indeed different from other pre-debut members’ photos where it is very obvious that he is from a wealthy family./span>

Who trained the longest in NCT?


Who is the most richest in NCT?

Here are 29 idols who have the highest net worth in the industry.

  • Suho (EXO)
  • Jimin (BTS) …
  • Taeyong (NCT) Net worth: 9 million USD.
  • Lee Hyeri. Net worth: 9 million USD.
  • Jungkook (BTS) Net worth: 8.

    Why is renjun not in WayV?

    At the time WayV was formed CHENLE (and RENJUN) were both underage, meaning they can only work till 10 making it hard for them to be in multiple units. Also as we’ve seen with WINWIN, they wouldn’t have been able to promote with dream because of the hallyu ban, and that would leave dream with a lack of members.

    Is WayV still NCT?

    Whether it’s the bio of WayV as a group (they are a sub-unit of NCT) or the references made by SM and the NCT members, WayV is definitely part of NCT. SM has said that NCT has 21 members, so we know all of the WayV members are part of NCT (NCT 2018’s 18 members + Xiaojun, Hendery, and YangYang).

    Does WayV stay in Korea or China?

    WayV does live in Korea and seems to be near SM or the other NCT members because from some fan meeting responses, other NCT members have visited their dorm and hang out there.

    Is renjun joining WayV?

    According to many people Renjun and Chenle will be placed in WayV,the chinese sub-unit of the group.

    Is renjun older than Haechan?

    Renjun– March 23rd, 2000. Jeno- April 23rd, 2000. Haechan– June 6th, 2000.

    Why is WayV called WayV?

    The group was first announced under the tentative name “NCT China”. Is the second fixed sub unit in NCT after NCT 127. WayV stands for “We are your Vision”. WayV debuted in China under Label V (SM Entertainment’s Chinese label) without the name of NCT or SM Entertainment due to political issues between Korea and China.

    How successful is WayV?

    WayV debuted in 2019 with the goal of establishing NCT in the Chinese music market. The group has released a few singles so far and has been doing well in China. Last year, they also won an award for “Best New Asian Artist” at the Mnet Asian Music Awards./span>

    Is WayV big in China?

    WayV isn’t that big in China and member popularity is very skewed, I believe the most popular members in China are Lucas and Winwin and even then they aren’t too well-known within the general public. They were always going to seep into the Korean market as well.

    K-pop has a large following in China and BTS – one of the most successful groups – are no different, with at least five million fans on China’s popular social media platform Weibo. RM’s comments came as BTS received an award celebrating relations between the US and South Korea./span>

    Are Koreans WayV?

    WayV is a seven-member Chinese boy group formed as part of South Korean idol maker SM Entertainment’s ambitious Korean Wave localization project NCT. Debuting in China in January, the group has the potential to become one of the country’s best boy bands, but faces incredible challenges to get there./span>

    Is WayV famous in Korea?

    WayV is a Chinese language subunit of NCT. NCT itself is very popular in South Korea. 7. The group won the best new Asian artist title at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in December, in recognition of recent accomplishments./span>

    Will WayV promote in Korea?

    Well, WayV is part of SM and also part of NCT. … They can speak Korean so they have no problem promoting in Korea, but the group must be wary of the China and Korea political arguement, which is why they cannot officially be recgnized as NCT.

    Who is the leader of NCT U?


    What’s BTS most hated country?


    Is BTS V color blind?

    It was reported that Taehyung suffers from ‘monochromatic blindness‘ meaning he could only see shades of gray and it’s like seeing the world through an old black and white television screen. … There are three different types of colour blindness and subtypes but none of which apply to him, according to a fan./span>

    Is BTS banned in any country?

    K-pop is a genre of modern pop music that originates from South Korea….List of banned K-pop videos from KBS, SBS, and MBC.

    Song Title “Dope”
    Artist BTS
    Reason Vulgar lyrics and its a type of drug.
    Banned By KBS

    Is BTS banned in China 2020?

    Samsung Electronics pulled a BTS-branded purple smartphone and ear buds from its official stores and other e-commerce platforms in China. South Korean auto giant Hyundai Motor removed advertisements featuring BTS from its Chinese social media outlets./span>

    Is BTS banned from China?

    China has officially announced that there have been no orders to ban BTS products in the country. Chinese diplomats refuted claims that BTS, South Korean K-pop group’s comments have led to tension between the two countries./span>

    Why did China Ban Korea entertainment?

    China still unofficially bans the import of South Korean cultural products, an action that has lingered since 2017. It came about due to Beijing’s anger at the country’s deployment of the U.S. THAAD anti-missile defense system./span>

    Are Korean actors banned in China?

    In China, Hallyu cultural events were canceled, Korean actors had to quit from their works and limited Korean media could be exported to China. The ban was lifted soon after, and relations were restored.

    Is Kpop banned in China?

    Kpop was banned for 18 months in China but the restriction was lifted in November 2017. Could BTS help smooth over China-South Korea relations? “The ban on group tours was partially lifted in 2018, South Korean dramas are back on TV and K-pop songs are being promoted on Chinese streaming services.

    Why is China banned twice?

    Mainland Chinese internet users reacted angrily towards Tzuyu’s actions, accusing her of “profiting from her mainland Chinese audience while holding a pro-independence stance”. Soon after, Twice was barred from Chinese television and Tzuyu was pulled out of her endorsement with Chinese communications company Huawei.