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Are John Wood Water Heaters any good?

These heaters heat water instantaneously, and due to the tankless design, they provide hot water on demand. The best models are ultra-efficient, and Energy Star approved and are also known as condensing water heaters where the energy factor can reach high 0.

Is Rheem or Bradford White better?

Both Bradford White and Rheem produce highly efficient water heaters, but Bradford White seems to have a slight edge in this department. Bradford White’s Hydrojet Total Performance System not only makes its water heaters longer-lasting, but it also improves their energy efficiency.

Is Bradford White a good brand?

Bradford White is a well-recognized brand with the reputation of an excellent customer care service. Their products last long with the powerful safety and control tools installed within.

Are Bradford White Water Heaters Made in the USA?

We are an American-owned company and all of our manufacturing facilities are located in the United States of America. Bradford White proudly employs over 1,500 people at our manufacturing operations in Middleville and Niles, Michigan, and Rochester, New Hampshire.

How do you read a Bradford White serial number?

Decoding the serial number Bradford White’s serial numbers are a little less straightforward. The year of manufacture is noted by the first letter of the serial number, and the month is the second letter.

How do you read AO Smith serial number?

With A.O. Smith, the year of manufacture comes first, followed by the month, so for example, if the first numbers in the serial number are 9710, the date of manufacture was October 1997.

How do you know when a hot water heater is going bad?

Here are 6 telltale signs you have a failing water heater:

  1. You only have cold water.
  2. Your water gets warm, but never hot.
  3. Your water heater makes a rumbling noise.
  4. Your hot water is rusty, muddy or discolored.
  5. Your water has a metallic smell or taste.
  6. Water is leaking around your water heater.

What is the lifespan of a hot water heater?

While today’s water heaters are better designed than older models, they still require regular maintenance in order to prolong their lives. With regular inspection, draining, and flushing, you can expect a gas water heater to last anywhere from 8-12 years and an electric water heater to last anywhere from 10-15 years.

Should I flush my hot water heater?

Most homeowners should flush their water heaters every six months or so, but if you have extremely hard water, you may want to do it more often. Flushing your hot water heater could be necessary as often as every few months depending on the mineral content of your local water supply.

How much does a hot water heater cost at Home Depot?

The Home Depot offers traditional water heater tanks and modern tankless units, both powered by either gas or electricity. Depending on your selection, the average cost for water heater installation is between $1,000 to $3,000.

Is it worth switching to a tankless water heater?

According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, a tankless water heater is more efficient and uses less energy than a conventional water heater, providing a $25 to $107 in annual savings. If your hot water use is low (less than 41 gallons per day), a tankless water heater will be 24% to 34% more efficient.