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Where did Paul die?

Detroit, MI

What is the net worth of Paul Williams?

Paul Williams net worth: Paul Williams is an Academy Award-winning American composer, musician, songwriter, and actor who has a net worth of $14 million.

What was Paul Williams of the Temptations net worth?

Otis Williams net worth: Otis Williams is an American singer who has a net worth of $8 million dollars. Otis Miles, Jr. was born in Texarkana, Texas in October 1941. He is best known for being the last surviving original member of The Temptations.

What is Diana Ross net worth?

According to The Richest, Diana Ross has an estimated net worth of $250 million (£192 million).

What happened to Eddie of the Temptations?

BIRMINGHAM — Eddie Kendricks, 52, a founding member of the Temptations and the falsetto lead for hits such as “The Way You Do the Things You Do,” died of lung cancer Oct. 5 at a hospital here in his native city.

Who wrote the song Reach Out I’ll be there?


Who are the original Four Tops?

The Four Tops in the mid-’60s. Clockwise from bottom left, Levi Stubbs, Obie Benson, Abdul Fakir and Lawrence Payton. Originally calling themselves the Four Aims, they were rechristened the Four Tops in 1954 and signed with Chess Records, the Chicago rhythm and blues label, in 1956.

What happened to the original Four Tops?

The Four Tops are still active in 2014, though with Duke Fakir the lone remaining original member, it is a legacy act. Still, Fakir has assembled a solid group of singers around him, pulling people from the Four Tops‘ extended family. Lawrence Payton Jr., for example, is singing bass.

What is a 4 top?

(restaurants) A table seating four diners. noun.